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Treff LaPlante

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A Nov. 30 article in the Business Journal covered some of our experiences with being a company listed on Wikipedia, and with that listing being challenged. I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the lessons we learned and provide some simple advice for those of you who would like your organizations listed on Wikipedia. Wikipedia Moderators Make Hitler Look Like a Hobbyist First, never post your organization on Wikipedia without understanding "the rules" for all such articles. Your page will be speedily deleted, and you will have created a history for yourself of having been deleted. When you move to repost your article, you could be judged antagonistically as "spamming," even though that might not be your intent. The rules of Wikipedia govern a wide range of concepts, from worthiness for the existence of the article all the way to covering the nature of the ... (more)

How Cool is the Cloud?

Seven years ago we set out to build a technology that would solve the immense problems faced by business in adoption of technology. If you are not familiar with those problems, you need to familiarize with the now canonical Standish Groups’ Chaos Report, which among other things documents only a 32% rate of software projects completing successfully. During our journey, we encountered many cool things. From the beginning, we were early adopters of the LAMP stack; Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Further, we were able to leverage all sorts of open-source tools like WYSIWYG controls, ... (more)

Cloud Computing Adoption - Part 1 of 5

When my friend who works at an electronics retail store emphatically affirmed he knew what cloud computing was, it made me both nervous and excited. Cloud computing is becoming a ubiquitous concept. It has mass-market implications for the technology industry, and it is advancing at speeds rarely seen with any major technological evolution. As a business leader, do you know why cloud computing is important to you? What parts of your business should you be migrating to the cloud? Do you know what you don't know about cloud computing? First, cloud computing is about reducing complexity.... (more)

The Prince

For those of you that haven’t seen it, one of the titans of our industry, Larry Ellison (Oracle, early investor in Netsuite, Salesforce) recently was filmed explaining rather humorously that the concept of “cloud computing” is essentially just marketing hype. I’m of the opinion that Mr. Ellison didn’t get to where he is by completely misunderstanding or arbitrarily dismissing major trends in the marketplace.  The value proposition of cloud computing is clear and significant.  Because my firm, WorkXpress has delivered the value first hand, I would even go so far as to say that it... (more)

Primitive Is the New Advanced

Mark Twain was credited with saying, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." People figured out long ago that a letter with fewer words, though more powerful, was more difficult to write. It seems technologists only now are beginning to learn that lesson. Just a few years ago, technology was better when it had more features. Technology with fewer features was more primitive - think of digital versus analog. Whether you were in the auto industry or you were building software, it was your job to add features. If you were a marketer, it was your jo... (more)